Max4U & Miami Reest




Label: Pulsive / Pulsive Media (LC 09483)
Cat.-No.: PUL035 / EAN: 4260004710985
Mixes: South Blast!, DNF & Vnalogic, Diverson & Soldberg.
Genre: Electro / House
Distributor: KNM (



01. Radio Edit
02. Original Club Mix
03. South Blast! Avalanche Remix
04. DNF & Vnalogic Remix
05. Diverson & Soldberg Remix

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Song "Mountain" was built through hard work and long hours of friends who love the mountains it is they were motivated by these producers who are trying to introduce the song as well as the beauty of a well-known unpredictability of the environment in which they grew up. Max4U and the guys from Miami Reest trying to give us a picture of the mountains in the form of sounds. With this issue, just close your eyes to move in a different place in the world of high altitude, the powerful winds, beautiful views where you can find the stigma of civilization. Will they succeed? Judge for yourself listening to their latest production in which they are doing a good job. Just MOUNTAIN!!

Miami Reest - a formation that consists of two DJs and music producers. The group was founded in April 2013. They have in your account the larger and less successful, try to create a variety of genres, not forgetting his style. In their productions, you can hear the mega dose of energy starting from the typical commercial sounds, ending sounds stronger club. Each production from under their hands has its own unique style and brings freshness to the music market.

Max4U - Tomasz M is the creator of this musical project. Max4U his adventure with music began in London, here he met various interesting people who introduced him to the world of music production. Max4u their inspirations are creating music takes from

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Music, Lyrics + Original Production:
Kamil Matuszewski & Mateusz Więcek
aka Miami Reest / & Tomasz Miksa aka Max4U

Publishing: Pulsive Media Publishing adm. by Roba Musik Verlag


Pulsive – a Division of PULSIVE MEDIA GmbH
Labelcode: LC-09483

Pulsive Media GmbH
Von-Alten-Str. 2,
30938 Burgwedel - Germany
Tel:    +49(0) 5139-982002
Fax:  +49(0) 5139-982004